Using Cars To Promote A Business

vinyl graphics in Rocky Mount

If you are a business owner that drives a vehicle around to offer your products or services, consider decorating it to promote your business.

Vehicular advertising is a cost-efficient way to promote your business and is ideal for those without a large marketing budget.

The benefit of advertising on your vehicle is that it will alert potential customers to your existence, provide methods of contact, and generate additional sales.

Don’t let your business transportation go to waste! Instead, consider these effective methods for using cars to promote your business!


The easiest way to promote your business while driving around is with visually stunning vinyl graphics in Rocky Mount. These graphics can be custom designed and installed to give the appearance of something related to your business doing the driving for you. For example, a mobile dog groomer may consider window graphics depicting dogs driving the vehicle.

This type of window advertising can stick into a customer’s mind and generate brand awareness.

vinyl graphics in Rocky Mount


If your business and personal vehicle are the same, chances are you will want an automobile advertising method that can be removed when completing personal errands. Fortunately, many services offer magnetic signs that easily attach and detach from a car, truck, or SUV.

Additionally, these signs can be customized to advertise daily specials or alternative services as they become available through your company.

& Stickers

Business owners that always want to be advertising their products or services should consider permanent graphic decals and stickers advertising:

·    Company Name & Logo

·    Contact Details

·    Service Details

·    Company-Specific Branding

With over 200 million vehicles on the road at any given time, investing in high-quality advertising for your businesses’ car, truck, or van is the best way to grow exposure and build a customer base.